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Synthesis of Polyamine Grafted Chitosan Copolymer and Evaluation of Its Corrosion Inhibition Performance

대한화학회지 2015년 59권 2호 p.142 ~ 147
 ( Li Heping ) - Changsha University of Science and Technology

 ( Li Hui ) - Changsha University of Science and Technology
 ( Liu Yi ) - Changsha University of Science and Technology
 ( Huang Xiaohua ) - Changsha University of Science and Technology


Two new chitosan derivatives, polyamine grafted chitosan copolymers have been synthesized for corrosion protection of carbon steel in acidic medium. First, methyl acrylate graft chitosan copolymer (CS-MAA) was prepared by the reaction of chitosan (CS) and methyl acrylate (MAA) via the Michael addition reaction. Then, CS-MAA was reacted with ethylene diamine (EN) and triethylene tetramine (TN) respectively to synthesize ethylene diamine grafted chitosan copolymer (CS-MAA-EN) and triethylene tetramine grafted chitosan copolymer (CS-MAA-TN), and the structures were characterized by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR). At last, the corrosion inhibition activities on Q235 carbon steel were investigated by using gravimetric measurements, metallographic microscope, potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements. The compounds CS-MAA-EN and CS-MAA-TN show an appreciable corrosion inhibition property against corrosion of Q235 carbon steel in 5% HCl solution at 25 oC. It has been observed that CS-MAAEN shows greater corrosion inhibition efficiency than CS-MAA-TN. The inhibition efficiency of CS-MAA-EN was close to 90% when the mass fraction concentration was 0.2%~0.3%; the inhibition efficiency of CS-MAA-TN was close to 85% when the mass fraction concentration was 0.02%. The present work provided very promising results in the preparation of green corrosion inhibitors.


Polyamine grafted chitosan copolymer; Synthesis; Electro-chemical study; Corrosion inhibition
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