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A Case Study on Using Uncritical Inference Test to Promote Malaysian College Students’ Deeper Thinking in Organic Chemistry

대한화학회지 2015년 59권 2호 p.156 ~ 163
 ( Kan Su-Yin ) - Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Faculty of Health Sciences

 ( Cha Jeong-Ho ) - Daegu University Division of Science Education
 ( Chia Poh Wai ) - Universiti Malaysia Terengganu School of Marine Science and Environment


In Malaysia, the students’ poor performance in mathematics and sciences needs immediate attention and remedies. In order to tackle this problem, an active learning environment that encourages students’ question-asking capability must be molded. Transformation from traditional teacher-based approach to active-learning classroom is the key to develop question-asking capability. The classroom activity that the authors used in this study is based on the uncritical inference test to promote students’ deeper thinking which encouraged students to verify facts that was previously learnt in classroom through group discussion activity. Three sets of uncritical inference test were developed and applied to Malaysian college course of basic organic chemistry. Students’ answers to the impact of using uncritical inference test with a group discussion on learning and communication skills were positive.


Small group activity; Discussion; Organic chemistry; Classroom activity; Uncritical inference test
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