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Effects of Binary Doping on Chiroptical, Electrochemical, and Morphological Properties of Chiral Polyaniline

대한화학회지 2015년 59권 5호 p.423 ~ 428
 ( Kim Eun-Ok ) - University of Suwon Department of Chemistry


(1S)-(+)-10-camphorsulfonic acid (CSA) and HCl were used together as a binary dopant in the electrodeposition of polyaniline (PAni). (+)-CSA and HCl were added in different mole ratios (9:1 and 6:4). (+)-CSA-doped and binarydoped PAni exhibited markedly different ultraviolet-visible and circular dichroism spectral characteristics due to differences in their conformations. Distinct helical structures are observed in the scanning electron microscopy images of (+)-CSA-doped PAni. The X-ray diffraction pattern of (+)-CSA-doped PAni exhibited remarkably higher crystallinity than that of HCl-doped PAni which is associated with the helical ordering along the polymer chains. The conformational changes due to the binary doping in chiral PAni had a significant effect on its chiroptical and electrochemical properties, morphology, and crystallinity, thus determined its conductivity.


Conducting polymers; Chiral polyaniline; Helical structures; Electrodeposition; Binary doping
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