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Anti-wrinkle Effect of Herbal Medicine Plant and Its Applications in Cosmetics

대한화학회지 2016년 60권 4호 p.235 ~ 238
 ( Park Young-Ho ) - International University of Korea Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering


Mt. Jiri located in the southwestern part of Korea is a treasure trove of wild medicinal plants. More than 1200 species currently classified as herbs are grown or cultivated in the area. Recently, safflower has attracted interest because of its ability to control fine wrinkle formation on the neck. The objective of this study therefore was to determine whether the active ingredient of safflower could be used in the form of an extract to reduce wrinkle formation in individuals aged 30 to 59 years. In particular, this study was aimed at determining the extract’s elastase activity and anti-oxidant effect by using DPPH assay in vitro and evaluating the anti-wrinkle efficacy of different types of safflower extracts in improving fine wrinkles on the neck. This study will provide a basis for future studies to develop safflower extracts using advanced composition technology and contribute to the development of the herbal cosmetics industry.1


Safflower; Polyphenol; Wrinkles
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