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Surface Modification of Silica Spheres for Copper Removal

대한화학회지 2016년 60권 5호 p.317 ~ 320
 ( Kim Byoung-Ju ) - Kyungil University Department of New and Renewable Energy

 ( Park Eun-Hye ) - Dasomddeul
 ( Kang Kwang-Sun ) - Kyungil University Department of New and Renewable Energy


Efficient copper removal from water was achieved by using surface modified silica spheres with 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane (MPTMS) using base catalyst. The surface modification of silica spheres was performed by hydrolysis and condensation reactions of the MPTMS. The characteristic infrared absorption peaks at 2929, 1454, and 1343 cm?1 represent the ?CH2 stretching vibration, asymmetric deformation, and deformation, respectively. The absorption peaks at 2580 and 693 cm?1 corresponding the ?SH stretching vibration and the C-S stretching vibration indicate the incorporation of MPTMS to the surface of silica spheres. Field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) image of the surface modified silica sphere (SMSS) shows nano-particles of MPTMS on the surface of silica spheres. High concentration of copper solution (1000 ppm) was used to test the copper removal efficiency and uptake capacity. The FESEM image of SMSS treated with the copper solution shows large number of copper lumps on the surface of SMSS. The copper concentration drastically decreased with increasing the amount of SMSS. The residual copper concentrations were analyzed using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer. The copper removal efficiency and uptake capacity with 1000 ppm of copper solution were 99.99 % and 125 mg/g, respectively.


Silica spheres; Copper removal; Removal efficiency; Uptake capacity; MPTMS
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