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The Interactive Anonymous “Must-have” Quiz: A Simple Method to Enhance Students Concept Learning in Organic Chemistry Course

대한화학회지 2016년 60권 6호 p.428 ~ 435
 ( Cha Jeong-Ho ) - Daegu University Research Institute of Korea Special Education

 ( Kan Su-Yin ) - Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Faculty of Health Sciences
 ( Chia Poh Wai ) - Universiti Malaysia Terengganu School of Marine Science and Environment


Effective mastering and learning of basic organic chemical concepts is pivotal to ensure students continue to excel to the higher levels of organic chemistry learning. Concept learning is crucial for first-year organic chemistry students so that they can comprehend and understand a concept better and able to make connection to problems. In the present paper, the authors have implemented the Interactive Anonymous Quiz (IAQ) with “must-have” features in the organic chemistry course as a teaching tool to instill students’ interest and enhance conceptual understanding in organic chemistry. The effectiveness of this activity was examined and evaluated through students’ reflective writing. Students showed positive learning outcome on the implemented activity as reflected by the reflective writings. In addition, this activity could be employed as an activity to check on students’ concept understanding, to instill students’ interest in organic chemistry course and to improve on students’ weakest topic in organic chemistry in the future classes.


Interactive anonymous quiz; Must-have; Organic chemistry; Reflective writing
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