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The Phase Transition and Thermochromic Characteristics of W/Mg-codoped Monoclinic VO2 Nanoparticle and Its Composite Film

대한화학회지 2017년 61권 2호 p.57 ~ 64
 ( Park Hee-Sun ) - Pukyong National University Department of Chemistry

김종민 ( Kim Jong-Min ) - Pukyong National University Department of Chemistry
 ( Jung Young-Hee ) - Mapro Inc. Research Laboratory
 ( Kim Yeong-Il ) - Pukyong National University Department of Chemistry


Monoclinic VO2(M) nanoparticles codoped with 1.5 at. % W and 2.9 at. % Mg were synthesized by the hydrothermal treatment and post-thermal transformation method of V2O5-H2C2O4-H2O with Na2WO4 and Mg(NO3)2. The composite thin film of the W/Mg-codoped VO2(M) with a commercial acrylic block copolymer was also prepared on PET substrate by wet-coating method. The reversible phase transition characteristics of the codoped VO2(M) nanoparticles and the composite film were investigated from DSC, resistivity and Vis-NIR transmittance measurements compared with the undoped and Wdoped VO2(M) samples. Mg-codoping into W-doped VO2(M) nanoparticles synergistically enhanced the transition characteristics by increasing the sharpness of transition while the transition temperature (Tc) lowered by W-doping was maintained. The codoped composite film showed the prominently enhanced NIR switching efficiency compared to only W-doped VO2(M) film with a lowered Tc.


Monoclinic VO2; Thermochromic; Semiconductor-to-metal phase transition; W/Mg-codoping; NIR switching efficiency
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