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Analysis of Students Use of Multimodal Representations in a Science Formative Assessment (Assessing Pupils’ Progress, APP) Task in the UK

대한화학회지 2017년 61권 4호 p.211 ~ 217
 ( Cho Hye-Sook ) - Pusan National University Department of Chemistry Education

 ( Nam Jeong-Hee ) - Pusan National University Department of Chemistry Education


The purpose of this study was to examine UK students’ use of multimodal representations in science. Students were asked to explain their understandings of the scientific concept and presentation of the multimodal representations in a science Assessing Pupils’ Progress (APP) task. Participants of this study were fifty-four Year 7 students taught by the same teacher. Students from one class (27 students) were assigned to the experimental group, and then they received instruction encouraging the using of multimodal representations as evidences to support students’ claims. One class (27 students) was assigned to the control group and they received instruction with traditional teaching methods. Both groups performed an APP task for assessment. The samples of APP assessments produced by students both from the experimental and control groups were analyzed using an analysis framework of multimodal representations, embeddedness in evidence and understanding of scientific concepts. Data analysis indicated that the students in the experimental group performed better than that of the control group on embeddedness of multimodal representations in the APP task. In addition, there was a significant difference between the two groups in the evaluation of understand of the scientific concepts.


Multimodal representations; APP (Assessing Pupils’ Progress); Assessment
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