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“Spot the differences” Game: An Interactive Method That Engage Students in Organic Chemistry Learning

대한화학회지 2018년 62권 2호 p.159 ~ 165
 ( Cha Jeong-Ho ) - Daegu University Division of Science Education

 ( Kan Su-Yin ) - Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Faculty of Health Sciences
 ( Chia Poh Wai ) - Universiti Malaysia Terengganu School of Marine Science and Environment


For the first time, the spot the differences (STD) game was employed in the teaching of basic organic chemistry course. Three sets of paired pictures associated with selected topics in organic chemistry were presented to the students and they were required to spot the differences between the two pictures. Based on the students’ pre and post self-assessment, the STD game resulted in several positive learning outcomes as indicated in the students’ reflective writing, including knowledge recall, deeper understanding of a subject, enhanced analytical skill, motivation and fun-filled learning, learning from peers and self-empowerment in learning. The STD game is a desirable teaching and learning tool, as learning in an entertaining and interactive way is highly sought after in today’s classroom, especially to novice students. In the future, the STD game can be modified and implemented to cater the needs of different courses and topics.


Spot the differences; Basic organic chemistry; Interest and learning
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