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간호사의 문화간호역량 측정도구의 개발

Development of the Cultural Competence Scale for Registered Nurses (CCS-RN)

김경원 ( Kim Kyung-Won ) - 대구한의대학교 간호학과

김선희 ( Kim Sun-Hee ) - 대구가톨릭대학교 간호대학
김영희 ( Kim Young-Hee ) - 동국대학교 간호학과
김현경 ( Kim Hyun-Kyoung ) - 공주대학교 간호학과
박혜숙 ( Park Hye-Sook ) - 동양대학교 간호학과
이선희 ( Lee Sun-Hee ) - 김천대학교 간호학과
정금희 ( Jeong Geum-Hee ) - 한림대학교 간호대학


Purpose: This study is to develop the Cultural Competence Scale for Registered Nurses(CCS-RN) and to examine its validity and reliability.

Methods: The item pool was generated based on related scales, a wide review of the literature, and in-depth interviews with nurses according to Purnell’s cultural competence model. Content validity was verified by nursing experts. Construct validity using exploratory factor analysis, convergent validity using correlation coefficients, discriminant validity, internal consistency reliability, and test-retest reliability were examined.

Results: The CCS-RN consists of a 35-item/7-factor solution with 54.1% of the total variance explained. The convergent validity of CCS-RN was supported. Cronbach’s ? was .94 for the total scale and ranged from .77 to .90 for the seven factors. Test-retest reliability was moderate.

Conclusion: The evaluation of the psychometric properties of the CCS-RN shows that this scale is expected to be a valid and reliable measure of cultural competence among nurses. This scale may be useful for assessing nurses’ own cultural competence and thus contribute to strengthening cultural competence.


문화역량; 간호; 심리측정; 타당도; 신뢰도
Cultural competency; Nursing; Psychometrics; Reproducibility of results
원문 및 링크아웃 정보
등재저널 정보