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Analysis of the Recurrent Anal Fistula

대한대장항문학회지 1996년 12권 1호 p.61 ~ 67
강용모 ( Kang Young-Mo ) - 강동성심병원 외과

이재정 ( Lee Jae-Jung ) - 강동성심병원 외과
박철재 ( Park Chul-Jae ) - 강동성심병원 외과


This study is a clinical analysis of 462 patients with anal fistula-abscess which were treated at the Department of Surgery of Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital from Ja. 1987-Apr. 1994. The accepted classification was that of Sumikoshi(1974).
The results were as follows: 1) Overall recurrence rate was 4.8% (22 cases), and the recurrence rates of each type
was as follows: Type Ⅰ(0%), Type Ⅱ(2.5%), Type Ⅲ(6.3%), Type Ⅳ(17.1%). 2) The previously operated fistula-abscess at other hospital was 52 cases(11.3%) of all cases: Type Ⅱ(7 cases), Type Ⅲ(24 cases), Type Ⅳ(21 cases). The majority of recurred cases were deep seated fistula(Type Ⅲ and Ⅳ). The above results suggest that the recurrence rate after the treatment of anal fistula was associated with the misled of the internal fistulous opening and type of fistula,
remained causative focus and remained nonfunctionaing granulation tissues. Treatment failure rates may be decreased by a good appreciation of normal anorectal anatomy and fistula panto-anatomy, as well as a wide and practical knowledge of the possible treatment regimens.


Anal Fistula
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