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Laser Surgery To The Circumferential Hemorrhoids

대한대장항문학회지 1997년 13권 1호 p.121 ~ 129
김광철 ( Kim Kwang-Chul ) - 현대외과

이혁상 ( Lee Hyuk-Sang ) - 인제대학교 서울백병원 외과학교실


This study was undertaken to evaluate the treatment of circumferential hemorrhoids using the CO2 laser.

Methods: Five hundred seventy-two consecutive patients with circumferential hemorrhoids(411 males, 161 females) had hemorrhoidectomy performed with CO2 laser under caudal or epidural anesthesia during the 2 year-period between July 1994 and June 1996. The follow-up period was a minimum of 3 months after hemorrhoidectomy. The standard Milligan-Morgan open technique was used for most full three-quadrant hemorrhoidectomies. For the excision of necessary piles, "core-ablation" technique was employed.

Results: The postoperative pain lasted for an average of 2.10 days. Comlications of hemorrhoidectomy included Postoperative skin tags, bleeding, wound infection, delayed wound healing, urinary retention and anal fistula in only a few of the cases, none of which caused any long-term problems.

Conclusion: These results indicate that CO2 laser hemorrhoidectomy is feasible and safe provided it is used with care, and that it seems to cause no significant alteration in anorectal physiology.


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