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항문 협착증에 대한 피부판 이동술의 임상적 고찰

A Clinical Study on Sliding Skin Graft for the Treatment of Anal Stenosis

대한대장항문학회지 1997년 13권 2호 p.239 ~ 245
허무량 ( Huh Moo-Ryang ) - 허무량외과의원


Twenty five patients with moderate to severe anal stenosis were treated with sliding skin graft during the period of time from April 1987 to March 1996. And a follow-up study was carried out on 18 cases among them. The original causes
of the anal stenosis were previous necrotherapy in 14, hemouhoidectomy in 3, and cryotherapy in one. Postoperatively, partial disruption of the suture line developed in 2 cases and perianal fistula in one. Long term clinical results were good in 12 cases, fair in 4, and poor in 2. As a result, sliding skin graft is thought to be a simple and effective method for the treatment of moderate to severe anal stenosis.


Anal stenosis
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