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직장에서 발생한 Leiomyosarcoma 1예 보고

A Case of Leiomyosarcoma of the Rectum

대한대장항문학회지 1998년 14권 3호 p.643 ~ 647
김진호 ( Kim Jin-Ho ) - 가톨릭대학교 의과대학 외과학교실

오승택 ( Oh Seung-Tack ) - 가톨릭대학교 의과대학 외과학교실
전해명 ( Jeon Hae-Myung ) - 가톨릭대학교 의과대학 외과학교실
김인철 ( Kim In-Chul ) - 가톨릭대학교 의과대학 외과학교실


Leiomyosarcoma of the rectum is a extremely rare disease without well documented report on its management and prognosis. The most complicated problem lies on the correct diagnosis. Many pathologic and histologic criteria have been proposed to make it clear. The treatment of rectal leiomyosarcoma is controversial. Some authors recommand wide local excison for low-grade tumors as much as 2 cm in diameter. However, radical abdominoperineal resection is the procedure of choice. Leiomyosarcoma of the rectum is resistant to radiotherapy, and no single effective chemotherapeutic drug has been found yet, although adriamycin is effective in one third of all cases. The local recurrence rate was much higher in patients receiving wide local excision and the overall 5-year or 10-year survival rate is similar. We report a case of rectal leiomyosarcoma and review the literature.


Leiomyosarcoma;Rectum;Abdominoperineal resection
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