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An Adult with Symptomatic Isolated Cecocolic Nonrotation

대한대장항문학회지 1998년 14권 3호 p.675 ~ 679
정서진 ( Jung Seo-Jin ) - 국립의료원 일반외과

박성흠 ( Park Seong-Heum ) - 국립의료원 일반외과
윤서구 ( Yoon Seo-Koo ) - 국립의료원 일반외과
박치구 ( Park Chi-Goo ) - 국립의료원 일반외과
최경우 ( Choi Kyung-Woo ) - 국립의료원 일반외과


On the contrary to congenital anomalies of intestinal rotation in pediatric patients, those in adults are generally nonsymptomatic and of little consequence. Occasionally, however, an adult may have midgut nonrotation and complain of chronic or recurrent abdominal pain. Intestinal nonrotation can be divided into complete or partial failure of rotation and into abnormalities affecting the proximal segment, the distal segment or both. We report herein a 43-year old female patient with symptomatic partial, cecocolic nonrotation.


Cecocolic nonrotation;Adult
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