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대장암의 기저막 성분 Collagen IV와 조직병리학적 형태 비교에 관한 연구

The Study on Comparing the Expression of the Collagen IV with different Histopathologic Features of the Colorectal Carcinomas

대한대장항문학회지 1998년 14권 4호 p.681 ~ 689
정운용 ( Jung Woon-Young ) - 인제대학교 부산백병원 일반외과학교실

김종익 ( Kim Jong-Ik ) - 인제대학교 부산백병원 일반외과학교실
이승재 ( Lee Seung-Jae ) - 인제대학교 부산백병원 일반외과학교실
이종기 ( Lee Jong-Ki ) - 인제대학교 부산백병원 일반외과학교실
전병민 ( Jun Byung-Min ) - 인제대학교 부산백병원 일반외과학교실
오상훈 ( Oh Sang-Hoon ) - 인제대학교 부산백병원 일반외과학교실
홍관희 ( Hong Kwan-Hee ) - 인제대학교 의과대학 부산백병원 외과학교실
김상효 ( Kim Sang-Hyo ) - 인제대학교 부산백병원 일반외과학교실


The malignant potential of a tumor is related to its ability to dissociate invasion and seed other sites-metastasis. In either instance, the tumor cells are confronted with a barrier signif icantly composed of type IV collagen. This type IV collagen is
a major structural protein of basement membranes. Using immunohistochemical method to detect type IV collagen, intensity of stain and continuity of basement membrane at the tumor-stromal border was studied in surgical specimens from 47 colorectal carcinomas at the Pusan Paik-Hospital. Immunoreactivity was evaluated semi-quantitatively as three categories; Type-1, thick or normal basement membrane with or without minimal discontinuity; Type-2, thin basement membrane with or without moderate discontinuity; Type-3, fragmented or absent basement membrane. Also, in each case the tumor morphologic features were identified. The histologic type, differentiated grade, desmoplastic response, lymphatic and vascular invasion, lymph node involvement, tumor size and modified Dukes’ stage were estabilished. Type-1 immunoreactivity was significantly observed in well- differentiated, negative lymph node, Dukes’ stage B1/B2 tumors, and Type-3 was in poorly differentiated, positive lymph node, Dukes’ stage C2/D. The expres sion of collagen IV in basement membrane was statistically significant correlated with differentiated grade, lymph node metastasis and modified Dukes’ stage. By contrast, no statistically significant
correlation was found between paucity of type IV collagen and the other parameters. The result suggest that expression of type IV collagen in basement membrane may be a useful prognostic marker, and may play a part in the invasive and metastatic process of colorectal carcinomas.


Type IV collagen;Basement mebrane;Colorectal Carcinoma
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