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The Prognostic Significance of Tumor Microvessel Density in Colorectal Carcinoma

대한대장항문학회지 1998년 14권 4호 p.719 ~ 724
이정균 ( Lee Jeong-Kyun ) - 원광대학교 의과대학 외과학교실

한원철 ( Han Won-Cheol ) - 원광대학교 의과대학 병리학교실


Purpose:This study was carried out to evaluate the relationship with other clinicopath ologic factors and prognostic significance of tumor microvessel density in colorectal car cinoma.

Material and Methods: 71cases of primary colorectal carcinoma (Modified Astler-Coller stage B and C) were analysed retrospectively who underwent curative resection at Wonkwang university hospital from September, 1991 to September, 1993. Male was 39cases. Age under 60 years was 31cases. 5 year survival rates were 80% (50 cases) in stage B and 52.4% (21 cases) in stage C. Tumor microvessels were stained by immuno histochemical method using anti-CD31 on paraffine embedded tissues, and were counted within 10x objective field (about 0.74 mm2) in the area of the most intense neovascu larization.

Results: Mean microvessel Density (MVD) was 56.3 18.0 (range 19∼128). MVD was 55.2 in 11 cases of nonrecurrent group and 73.5 in 10 cases of recurrent group in stage C (p=0.012). There was no significant association between MVD and other parameters such as age, sex, tumor location and size, CEA, lymph node metastasis, and survival. The 5 year survival rates of 33 cases of MVD≤56 and 38 cases of MVD>56 were 84.9 and 60.5% respectively(p<0.05). 5 year survival rates of
MVD≤56 groups adjusted for age, sex, tumor location, differentiation, and recurrence were higher than those of >56 groups. 5 year survival rates of MVD ≤56 and >56 groups in stage C were 100% (5 cases) and 37.5% (16 cases) (p 0.05).

Conclusion:Tumor microvessl density may have somewhat prognostic significance in colorectal carcinoma.


Colorectal carcinoma;Microvessel density
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