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Two Cases of Adult Intussusception

대한대장항문학회지 2001년 17권 2호 p.103 ~ 107
채경래 ( Chae Gyeong-Rae ) - 전주병원 일반외과

천희두 ( Chun Heui- Doo ) - 전주병원 일반외과
태형진 ( Tae Hyung-Jin ) - 전주병원 일반외과
김철승 ( Kim Chul-Seung ) - 전주병원 일반외과
이광민 ( Lee Kwang-Min ) - 예수병원 해부병리과
주명진 ( Ju Myung-Jin ) - 전주병원 일반외과


Intussusception can develop at any age but about 95% of patients are children under 2 years-old. Adult intussusception is a rare condition. Unlike children, nearly all adults with intussusception have a lead point such as benign or malignant
small bowel tumors, intestinal tuberculosis, or Meckel’s diverticulum. First case is a 48-year-old male who was admitted with 2 days of diffuse abdominal cramping pain and no other associated gastrointestinal symptoms. Barium enema revealed ileocolic intussusception with a round cecal mass after barium reduction. An ileocecectomy was performed electively. The pathologic report was cecal cyst, which was an intraluminal structure with an epithelial lining of colonic mucosa. The second case, a 53-year-old male, was admitted with 1 week of diffuse abdominal cramping pain and watery diarrhea. Barium enema revealed ileocecal intussusception. Emergency surgery (ileocecectomy), revealed a polypoid small bowel mass. The pathologic report was lipoma. Recently, we experienced two cases of adult intussusception and
report these cases with a brief review of the literature.


성인 장중첩증
Adult intussusception
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