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항문 주위에 발생한 과립세포종 1예

A Case of Granular Cell Tumor in the Perianal Region

대한대장항문학회지 2001년 17권 2호 p.108 ~ 111
황도연 ( Hwang Do-Yeon ) - 송도병원 외과

송석규 ( Song Suk-Kyu ) - 송도병원 외과
이종호 ( Lee Jong-Ho ) - 송도병원 외과
김현식 ( Kim Hyun-Sik ) - 송도병원 외과
이종균 ( Lee Jong-Kyun ) - 송도병원 외과
이중달 ( Lee Jung-Dal ) - 송도병원 해부병리과
김광연 ( Kim Kwang-Yeon ) - 송도병원 외과


Since granular cell tumor was first described by Abrikossoff in 1926, it has been known as a rare disease.
The histogenesis of this tumor is still controversial, but the origin is thought to be from a Schwann cell. About one third of the tumors occur in the tongue, and uncommonly in the perianal region. We report a case of granular cell tumor that
developed in the perianal region. The tumor grew slowly for 5 years and was removed by a local excision. This tumor showed positive staining with neuron-specific enolase (NSE).


과립세포종;항문주위부;국소절제술;면역조직화학적 검사;신경세포 특이성 에놀레이즈
Granular cell tumor;Perianal region;Local excision;Immunohistochemical study;Neuron- specific enolase
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