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Duplication of the Transverse Colon: A Case Report

대한대장항문학회지 2002년 18권 1호 p.59 ~ 63
강용원/Yong Won Kang
박원갑/이종균/김광연/Won Kap Park/Jong Kyun Lee/Kwang Yun Kim


Duplications of the alimentary tract are rare congenital malformations and accurate diagnosis is difficult. Duplications can occur at any level in the gastrointestinal tract. Ileal duplications are the most common while colonic duplications are
Duplications are usually single, vary widely in size, are more often spherical than tubular and are lined by alimentary tract mucosa. They usually share a common smooth muscle wall and blood supply with the adjacent bowel, with which they may be
communicated. Some duplications are asymptomatic but more than 80% of cases present before age of 2 years. Recently, we have experienced a case of duplication of the transverse colon in 9-year old female patient without any other combined
chief complaint were palpable abdominal mass, defecational difficulty and intermittent cramping pain of abdomen. The duplication of the transverse colon was diagnosed at operation. A left hemicolectomy was performed with complete resection of
bowel. We report a case of colonic duplication and review the literature.


중복증; 대장; 선천성 기형; Duplication; Colon; Congenital anomaly;
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