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대장암 조직에서 Western Blotting을 이용한 Survivin의 발현

Western Blotting to Assess the Expression of Survivin in Colorectal Cancer

대한대장항문학회지 2003년 19권 6호 p.386 ~ 390
강성구 ( Kang Sung-Goo ) - 원자력의학원 원자력병원 외과

이령아 ( Lee Ryung-Ah ) - 이화여자대학교 의과대학 외과학교실
김인경 ( Kim In Kyung ) - 원자력의학원 원자력병원 외과
문선미 ( Moon Sun-Mi ) - 한국원자력의학원 원자력병원 외과
황대용 ( Hwang Dae-Yong ) - 한국원자력의학원 원자력병원 외과


Purpose: The balance between cell death and proliferation is a key step in cellular homeostasis. Inhibition of apoptosis could trigger an abnormal malignant change. Survivin is a recently reported anti-apoptotic molecule that inhibits the caspase system along the apoptosis pathway. It is expressed in fetal tissue and transformed tissue, but not in normal tissues except durung the mitosis period. Some authors have described abnormal survivin expression in various cancer tissues. We performed western blotting in colorectal cancer to assess the expression pattern of survivin.

Methods: Thirty-four colorectal cancer tissues and adjacent normal colonic epithelia of patients operated an at KCCH from June 1998 were assessed. We used the common western blotting method with the polyclonal anti-survivin antibody.

Results: Survivin was expressed in all cases (34 cases, 100%) of cancer tissues and two cases (5.8%) of normal tissue. Seven of 34 cases showed a strong positive result. Univariate analysis of sex, age, stage, original site, lymphatic invasion, neural invasion, and vessel invasion between the positive group and the strongly positive group revealed no significant relationship except for neural invasion.

Conclusions: Survivin should be a good tumor marker of colorectal cancer. J Korean Soc Coloproctol 2003;19: 386-390


대장암;웨스턴 영동법
Survivin;Colorectal cancer;Western blotting
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