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급성 S상 결장 폐쇄로 진단된 크론병 1예 보고

A Case of Crohn´s Disease Which is Diagnosed through Acute Sigmoid Colon Obstruction

대한대장항문학회지 2004년 20권 5호 p.326 ~ 332
문종하 ( Moon Jong-Ha ) - 예수병원 외과

성치원 ( Sung Chi-Won ) - 예수병원 외과
김갑태 ( Kim Kab-Tae ) - 예수병원 외과


Crohn´s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis. Distinct from ulcerative colitis, Crohn´s disease may involve any portion of the alimentary tract from the mouth to the anus. Recently, the incidence of Crohn´s disease has been increasing in Korea. The proportion of the colon type is smaller than that of the ileocecal type or the small-bowel type. In the colon, Crohn´s disease affects mainly the right side. Relatively, the sigmoid colon is rarely involved. Small-bowel obstruction is the most common complication requiring surgery in Crohn´s disease. On the contrary, an obstruction limited to the colon requiring surgery is less common in Crohn´s disease. We experienced a case of a severe acute sigmoid colon obstruction with peritonitis. At first, we suspected colon cancer, but after an emergency laparotomy, we
diagnosed it as Crohn´s disease. Such a situation is rare in Korea, so we hope this case report may provide a good opportunity to reconsider Crohn´s disease. J Korean Soc Coloproctol 2004;20:326-332


크론병;에스상 결장 폐쇄
Crohn´s disease;Sigmoid colon obstruction
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