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특발성 항문소양증 환자에서 Methylene Blue, Hydrocortisone, Lidocaine의 복합피내주사요법의 효과

The Effect after Intra-dermal Methylene Blue, Hydrocortisone, Lidocaine Injection Therapy for Intractable, Idiopathic Pruritus Ani

대한대장항문학회지 2005년 21권 2호 p.71 ~ 75
김주형 ( Kim Joo-Hyung ) - 한빛외과 대장항문클리닉

이용표 ( Lee Yong-Pyo ) - 구리제일병원 외과


Purpose: Idiopathic pruritus ani is a common and embarrassing proctological condition which can be very difficult to treat. In this study, we documented our results with methylene blue intra-dermal injection in patients with intractable idiopathic pruritus ani.

Methods: 5-ml 1% methylene blue, 100-mg hydrocortisone, and 15-ml 1% lidocaine were injected into the perianal skin of 21 patients with idiopathic pruritus ani which had proved refractory to standard care. Clinical follow-up was undertaken.

Results: After one injection of the above solution, 15 (71.4%) of the patients were rendered symptom free. Repeat injection in the initial non- responders ultimately rendered another four. 19 (total: 90.5 %) of the patrents symptom free. Morbidity was 0%.

Conclusion: This study has shown that intra-dermal methylene blue injection is a safe, simple, and efficient method of treating intractable, idiopathic pruritus ani.


특발성 항문 소양증;메틸렌블루;피내주사요법
Idiopathic pruritus ani;Methylene blue;Intra- dermal injection therapy
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