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치핵절제술 시에 점막하 치핵동맥 결찰술과 봉축 봉합술

Seok Won Lim, M.D. Department of Surgery, Hang Clinic of Coloproctology, Seoul, Korea

대한대장항문학회지 2006년 22권 4호 p.283 ~ 284
임석원 ( Lim Seok-Won ) - 항외과


There are many techniques for performing a hemorrhoidectomy. The author introduces the submucosal hemorrhoidal artery ligation technique and the shortening suture technique. In the author’s expericence, the submucosal hemorrhoidal artery ligation technique reduces not only the secondary bleeding rate but also the hemorrhoid recurrence rate after a hemorrhoidectomy. The shortening suture technique reduces the postoperative anal stricture rate by folding skin into the anal canal and prevents a skin tag after a hemorrhoidectomy. J Korean Soc Coloproctol 2006;22:283-284


점막하 치핵 동맥 결찰술;봉축 봉합술
Submucosal hemorrhoidal artery ligation;Shortening suture
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