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중간장관의 비회전 환자에서 발생한 급성 천공성 충수돌기염: 증례보고

Acute Perforated Appendicitis in a Patient with Nonrotation of the Midgut: A Case Report

대한대장항문학회지 2008년 24권 3호 p.219 ~ 222
박성준 ( Park Seong-Jun ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실

주영태 ( Ju Young-Tae ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실
정치영 ( Jeong Chi-Young ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실
정은정 ( Jung Eun-Jung ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실
이영준 ( Lee Young-Joon ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실
홍순찬 ( Hong Soon-Chan ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실
하우송 ( Ha Woo-Song ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실
박순태 ( Park Soon-Tae ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실
최상경 ( Choi Sang-Kyung ) - 경상대학교 의학전문대학원 외과학교실


The presence of a malrotation of the midgut in adults is identified in asymptomatic patients most commonly as an incidental finding during a workup for an unrelated disease. We report here a rare case of acute perforated appendicitis in a patient with nonrotation of the midgut. A 28-year-old man was referred to our hospital with lower abdominal pain. The radiological examination, including abdominal computed tomography, ultrasonography, an upper gastrointestinal series, and a barium enema, revealed acute perforated appendicitis accompanied by nonrotation of the midgut. Emergency surgery revealed a complicated appendix located in the middle area of the lower abdomen with a periappendiceal abscess and nonrotation of the midgut. An ileocecal resection was performed with no postoperative complication. In this case, the atypical position of the appendix led to confusion regarding the diagnosis and to a more invasive surgical intervention. J Korean Soc Coloproctol 2008;24:219-222


충수돌기염;중간장관의 비회전
Appendicitis;Nonrotation of the midgut
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