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Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Arising from a Solitary Juvenile Polyp in the Colon

대한대장항문학회지 2010년 26권 5호 p.365 ~ 367
김혜정 ( Kim Hae-Jung ) - 대항병원

 ( Kang Min-Kwan ) - 대항병원
 ( Lee Hee-Suk ) - 대항병원
 ( Kim Do-Sun ) - 대항병원
 ( Lee Du-Han ) - 대항병원


Juvenile polyps are relatively common polyps that affect predominantly young patients and may occur in isolated, multiple, and/or familial forms. They have been considered to be benign lesions without neoplastic potential, but for patients with multiple juvenile polyposis, the cumulative malignant risk is greater than fifty percents. In patients with a solitary polyp, the risks are minimal, and only a few cases of malignant change from a solitary juvenile polyp have been reported. We describe the case of a twenty one year old female with one solitary juvenile polyp, which contained a signet ring cell carcinoma in the mucosal layer.


Colonic polyps; Solitary juvenile polyps; Carcinoma; Signet ring cell
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