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Clinical Characteristics of Ischemic Colitis According to Location

대한대장항문학회지 2011년 27권 6호 p.282 ~ 286
 ( Chang Ho-Jin ) - CHA University College of Medicine Department of Surgery

 ( Chung Chul-Woon ) - CHA University College of Medicine Department of Surgery
 ( Ko Kwang-Hyun ) - CHA University CHA Bundang Medical Center Department of Internal Medicine
 ( Kim Jong-Woo ) - CHA University College of Medicine Department of Surgery


Purpose: The aim of this study was to analyze various clinical characteristics of ischemic colitis according to its location.

Methods: The medical records of 92 cases of gastrointestinal ischemic colitis (IC) diagnosed at Bundang CHA Hospital from 1995 to 2008 were reviewed and analyzed retrospectively. The patients were diagnosed by using colonoscopic biopsies or laparotomy findings. The patients were divided into two groups, right and left, according to the main involvement area of the IC at the embryologic boundary line of the distal transverse colon, and the two groups were compared as to clinical characteristics and co-morbid diseases.

Results: Left IC was present in 59 patients (64.1%) and right IC in 33 patients (35.9%). No differences between the two groups in terms of clinical characteristics, cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus were observed. However, in 16 cases with renal failure, 10 patient had right IC and 6 patients had left IC, and this difference had statistical significance (P = 0.014). Among the 16, the 11 patients requiring hemodialysis included 8 with right IC (24.2%) and 3 with left IC (5.1%; P = 0.009). Among the 19 cases of severe IC requiring surgical treatment or involving mortality, irrespective of surgery, 11 patients showed right IC and 8 patients showed left IC (P = 0.024).

Conclusion: Right-side ischemic colitis was significantly associated with renal failure and disease severity, so patients with right-side colon ischemia should be more carefully observed and managed.


Colitis; Ischemic; Localization; Severity
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