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A Case of Successful Colonoscopic Treatment of Acute Appendiceal Bleeding by Endoclips

대한대장항문학회지 2011년 27권 6호 p.329 ~ 332
 ( Chung Il-Hyung ) - Onnuri Hospital Department of Internal Medicine

 ( Kim Kwang-Hyun ) - Onnuri Hospital Department of Internal Medicine


Lower gastrointestinal bleeding is a common disease among elderly patients. The common sources of lower gastrointestinal bleeding include vascular disease, Crohn’s disease, neoplasm, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoid, and ischemic colitis. However, bleeding from the appendix has been reported very rarely in patients with lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding. In general, after a colonoscopic diagnosis of appendiceal bleeding, a laparoscopic or surgical appendectomy would be recommended. We report a case of successful colonoscopic treatment of appendiceal bleeding without complications by endoclips. This report suggests that colonoscopic clipping is a safe and effective means to treat bleeding from appendiceal lesions. Further study is needed to evaluate procedure-related complications and to confirm the procedure’s safety and efficacy.


Appendix; Bleeding; Colonoscopy; Clip
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