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Comparison of Long-term Clinical Outcomes according to the Change in the Rectocele Depth between Transanal and Transvaginal Repairs for a Symptomatic Rectocele

대한대장항문학회지 2012년 28권 3호 p.140 ~ 144
 ( Chung Choon-Sik ) - Hansol Hospital Department of Surgery

유상화 ( Yu Sang-Hwa ) - Hansol Hospital Department of Surgery
 ( Lee Jeong-Eun ) - Hansol Hospital Department of Surgery
 ( Lee Dong-Keun ) - Hansol Hospital Department of Surgery


Purpose: This study was aimed to compare the results of a transanal repair with those of a transvaginal levatorplasty and to determine the long-term clinical outcomes according to the change in the depth of the rectocele after the procedure.

Methods: Of 50 women who underwent a rectocele repair from March 2005 to February 2007, 26 women (group A) received a transanal repair, and 24 (group B) received a transvaginal repair with or without levatorplasty. At 12 months after the procedures, 45 (group A/B, 22/23 women) among the 50 women completed physiologic studies, including anal manometry and defecography, and clinical-outcome measurements. The variations of the clinical outcomes with changes in the depth of the rectocele were also evaluated in 42 women (group A/B, 20/22) at the median follow-up of 50 months.

Results: On the defecographic findings, the postoperative depth of the rectocele decreased significantly in both groups (group A vs. B, 1.91 ± 0.20 vs. 2.25 ± 0.46, P = 0.040). At 12 months after surgery, 17 women in each group (group A/B, 77/75%) reported improvement of their symptoms. However, only 11 and 13 women (group A/B, 55/59%) of groups A and B, respectively, maintained their improvement at the median follow-up of 50 months. Better results were reported in patients with a greater change in the depth of their rectocele (≥4 cm) after the procedure (P = 0.001)

Conclusion: In both procedures, clinical outcomes might become progressively worse as the length of the follow-up is increased.


Rectocele; Levator; Transanal; Transvaginal
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