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Appendicitis during Pregnancy: The Clinical Experience of a Secondary Hospital

대한대장항문학회지 2012년 28권 3호 p.152 ~ 159
 ( Jung Soo-Jung ) - Busan St. Mary’s Medical Center Department of Surgery

 ( Lee Do-Kyung ) - Busan St. Marys Medical Center Department of Surgery
준현 ( Kim Jun-Hyun ) - Busan St. Mary’s Medical Center Department of Surgery
공필성 ( Kong Pil-Sung ) - Busan St. Mary’s Medical Center Department of Surgery
 ( Kim Kyung-Ha ) - Busan St. Mary’s Medical Center Department of Surgery
 ( Bae Sung-Woo ) - Good Moonhwa Hospital Department of Surgery


Purpose: Appendicitis is the most common condition leading to an intra-abdominal operation for a non-obstetric problem in pregnancy. The aim of this study was to examine our experience and to analyze the clinical characteristics and the pregnancy outcomes for appendicitis during pregnancy that was reported in Korea.

Methods: We reported 25 cases of appendicitis during pregnancy that were treated at Good Moonhwa Hospital from January 2004 to March 2010. We also analyzed appendicitis during pregnancy reported in Korea between 1970 and 2008 by a review of journals.

Results: The incidence of acute appendicitis during pregnancy was one per 568 deliveries. The mean age was 27.92 years old, the gestational stage at the onset of symptoms was the first trimester in 10 patients (40%), the second trimester in 14 patients (56%), and the third trimester in 1 patient (4%). Among the 25 cases, 21 were treated with an open appendectomy and 4 with laparoscopic appendectomies. The postoperative complications were 2 wound infections and 1 spontaneous abortion.

Conclusion: Our experience demonstrated that appendectomies on pregnant patients can be successfully performed at secondary hospitals.


Appendicitis; Pregnancy; Postoperative complications
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