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Pneumoretroperitoneum After Procedure for Prolapsed Hemorrhoid

대한대장항문학회지 2013년 29권 6호 p.56 ~ 258
 ( Park Young-Jin ) - Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital Department of Surgery


Procedure for prolapsed hemorrhoid (PPH) is well recognized alternative to the traditional hemorrhoidectomy, and is associated with reduced pain and earlier return to normal activity. Over the past decade, there have been reports of severe life-threatening complications after a PPH, although the incidence is very low. Rectal perforation due to staple-line dehiscence is one of the serious complications that can cause severe pelvic sepsis or a pneumoretroperitoneum. Here, the first Korean case of a pneumoretroperitoneum due to staple-line dehiscence is described.


Hemorrhoid; Pneumoretroperitoneum; Prolapsed hemorrhoid
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