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Mullerian Adenosarcoma Arising From Rectal Endometriosis

대한대장항문학회지 2014년 30권 5호 p.232 ~ 236
 ( Yang Chun-Seok ) - Catholic University School of Medicine Department of Surgery

 ( Oh Hoon-Kyu ) - Catholic University of Daegu Medical Center Department of Surgery
 ( Kim Dae-Dong ) - Catholic University School of Medicine Department of Surgery


A Mullerian adenosarcoma is an extremely rare tumor characterized by a stromal component of usually low-grade malignancy and by a benign glandular epithelial component. A Mullerian adenosarcoma occurs mainly in the uterus, but also in extrauterine locations. Extrauterine Mullerian adenosarcomas are thought to arise from endometriotic deposits. A 36-year-old female presented to Daegu Catholic University Medical Center with a symptom of loose stool for several months. The imaging studies revealed a rectal mass, so she underwent a laparoscopic low anterior resection. Although extemporary pathology revealed an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor, the final histologic diagnosis was a Mullerian adenosarcoma arising from rectal endometriosis. To our knowledge, except a concomitant rectal villotubular adenoma, cases of Mullerian adenosarcomas arising the rectal wall are rare. An adenosarcoma arising from endometriosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a pelvic mass, even one appearing in rectal wall, because ectopic endometrial tissue exists everywhere.


Mullerian adenosarcoma; Endometriosis; Rectal neoplasms; Adenosarcoma
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