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Effects of a Glutamine Enema on Anastomotic Healing in an Animal Colon Anastomosis Model

대한대장항문학회지 2015년 31권 6호 p.213 ~ 221
:Mani Habibi
:Osman Zekai Oner/:Mehmet Tahir Oruc/:Nurullah Bulbuller/:Sebahat Ozdem/:Sukru Ozdemir/:Arsenal Sezgin Alikanooglu/:Rojbin Karakoyun/:Ugur Dogan/:Ayper Ongen/:Umit Koc


Purpose : Anastomotic leakage in colorectal surgery is a very important issue. Although many studies have shown the positive effects of enteral glutamine (Gln) on anastomotic healing, none has assessed the effects of administering Gln via an enema for anastomotic healing. To fill this study gap, this study investigated the intraluminal effect of administration of Gln enema on the healing of colonic anastomosis in a rat model.

Methods : Thirty Wistar albino rats were divided into three groups containing 10 rats each and were subjected to distal left colon transection and anastomosis. Postoperatively, group I (the control group) was administered no treatment, group II was administered daily placebo enemas containing physiological saline, and group III was administered daily 2% L-Gln enemas. After sacrifice on postoperative day 5, anastomotic healing, burst pressure, tissue hydroxyproline levels, and histological parameters were measured, and group values were compared via statistical analysis.

Results : Group III was found to have the highest mean bursting pressure and tissue hydroxyproline levels and the lowest mean ischemia score. While the values of these parameters were not found to differ significantly among the groups, the lack of significance may have been due to the limited number of subjects examined.

Conclusion : Administration of a Gln enema may have a positive effect on anastomosis in terms of bursting pressure and histopathological parameters. Future research should examine administration of a preoperative Gln enema as a means of decreasing the traumatic effects of the enema and identifying its applicability in surgical practice.


Surgical anastomosis; Anastomotic Leak; Enema; Glutamine; Hydroxyproline
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