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Prognostic Significance of Tissue Leptin Expression in Colorectal Cancer Patients

대한대장항문학회지 2015년 31권 6호 p.222 ~ 227
:Jeong Woon-Kyung
:Baek Seong-Kyu/:Kim Mi-Kyung/:Kwon Sun-Young/:Kim Hye-Soon


Purpose : Leptin is encoded by the ob gene and is involved in the control of food intake and energy expenditure. Recent studies have implicated leptin expression to be an indicator of tumor features and prognosis. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association of tissue expression of leptin with the clinicopathological characteristics and clinical outcomes in colorectal cancer patients.

Methods : Patients who had undergone a curative surgical resection for a colorectal adenocarcinoma from 2000 to 2004 were included in the study. Immunohistochemical analyses of leptin expression were performed, and clinicopathological parameters were evaluated.

Results : Clinical data and tumor tissues of 146 patients were evaluated. The mean age was 68.6 ± 11.3 years, and 61.0% were men. Immunohistochemically, the rates of negative, weak, moderate, and strong leptin expression were 2.7% (4 of 146), 5.5% (8 of 146), 43.2% (63 of 146), and 48.6% (71 of 146), respectively. We compared the negative, weak, and moderate expression group (group A) with the strong expression group (group B). Leptin expression was inversely associated with nodal stage (P = 0.007) between the two groups. Leptin expression was not significantly associated with differentiation (P = 0.37), T stage (P = 0.16), and American Joint Committee on Cancer stage (P = 0.49), and no significant differences in the disease-free and the overall survivals (P = 0.78 and P = 0.61) were observed.

Conclusion : Results demonstrated an inverse association of nodal stage with high leptin expression. Higher leptin expression level might predict better oncologic outcome. However, further studies are warranted to identify the exact role of leptin expression in colorectal cancer.


Leptin; Colorectal neoplasms; Survival rate; Immunohistochemistry; Tissue array analysis
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