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원발성 요관암: 5례 임상경험

Primary Carcinoma of the Ureter: Clinical report of 5 Cases

대한비뇨기과학회지 1978년 19권 6호 p.585 ~ 591
한건호/Han KH
이성춘/Lee SC


A clinical observation was made on 5 cases of primary ureteral tumors admitted to the Department of Urology, Presbyterian Medical Center during the period from August, 1970 through March, 1978. Clinical and radiographic findings are summarized below:
1. Among 5 cases of primary ureteral tumors, 4 cases in male, 1 case in female.

2. The range in age was from 58 to 75 years, average 66 years.

3. Duration of symptoms varied from 1 day to 1 year, common symptoms are hematuria and flank pain (1 case).

4. The side of lesion: left 3 cases , right 2 cases.

5. All tumors are located in the lower third of ureter.

6. The characteristic urographic and cystoscopic findings are as follows ; Non-visualizing kidney disclosed by intravenous pyelogram in 3 cases, hydroureteronephrosis in 2 cases. filling defect of ureter in 2 cases. The appearance of tumor in the orifice on cystoscopy in 2 cases.

7. Nephroureterectomy with excision of a cuff of the bladder was performed in all cases.


요관종양; ureter carcinoma
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