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방광암의 임상적 관찰

Clinical Observation of Bladder Tumors

대한비뇨기과학회지 1978년 19권 6호 p.593 ~ 601
박희곤/Park HG
김한진/Kim HJ


A clinical observation was made on bladder tumors of in- patients in the Department of Urology National Medical Center during the period from January, 1970 to December, 1977 and following results were obtained.
1) Among 1,257 of total in- patients, 66 patients had bladder tumor giving a rate of 5.3 %.

The sex ratio was 5.6:1 The mean age was 56 years in male and 57.5 years in female

2) 50 % of bladder tumor patients admitted to our department from initial symptoms within 1 year and 28 % between 1-2 years and 22 % after 2 years.

3) Excretory urogram showed obstructive upper tract change in 18 patients (33%)

4) The mode of treatment was T.U.R. & C in 23 patients (35%), partial cystectomy in 14 patients (21%), total cystectomy in 16 patients (24 %) and not treated in 11 patients (16.5%)

5) Urine cytology revealed accuracy of 47% in 19 patients.

6) Follow-up studies were made in 20 patients with mean duration of 20 months. of them, 7 patients died of cancer itself.

7) Patients who were dead of cancer had more high stage and high grade than survived patients.


방광종양; bladder tumor
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