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악성 고환임파종 1례

Malignant Lymphoma of the Testis: A Case Repert

대한비뇨기과학회지 1978년 19권 6호 p.621 ~ 624
김진일/Kim JI
채수응/김태진/Choi SE/Kim TJ


Malignant lymphoma involving the testis is a rare disease with poor prognosis and the most common type of testicular malignancy after 60 years of age. But the origin of this tumor is controversial in an organ supposedly devoid of lymphoid tissue, so it is difficult classifying testicular involving as primary or secondary without prolonged observation of the patient. We report a case of malignant lymphoma of the testis developed in a 56 years old man and the relevant literature has been reviewed.


고환종양; 악성림프종; malignant lymphoma
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