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Myasthenia Gravis Anesthetic Experience with One Case

Ǵ 1971 12 1ȣ p.191 ~ 193
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The 44 years old house wife whose diagnosis is myastenia gravis, was operated on thE; ovarian cyst under general anesthesia with nitro~ss oxide, halothane and oxygen, except ether because of the potent of muscle relaxation. This patient was intubated easily 30mg of succinylcheline ~~hloride. The authors were found the following result.:
1. Before the anesthesia respiratory disease orabrormalty should be checked out because respiration is depressed by disease itself.
2. During assistance respiration ~ under the general anesthesia, depolarizing agent may be used less than normal dosage but muscle relaxant should not be used when assistance respiration is rot possible.