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On the Epidermiological Pettern of Paratyphoid Fever Spreaded in a Part of Korean Rural Area

Ǵ 1972 13 1ȣ p.19 ~ 26
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In this epidemiological survey for paratyphoid fever Spreaded in summer 1971 in Oechori Dong, Yong-Sung Myun, Kyung-San Gun, Kyung-Sang Pook Do, author obtained some results as follows.
It was supposed that this outbreak is originated from public well water contaminated.
The incidence rate in 647 residents in the village was found 6.2 percent and not significant in the ratio for male and female. 45 percent of patients was aged in 10 to 24 years and remainders were distributed in the other age groups.
The first patient, l8 years old, female was taken ill from ?8th of iVlarch 1971, has suffered from high fever, headache, flushing face:, anorexia and Ioss of appetite etc. at pretty soon after returning from a textile company employed her for 3 months in Taegu city. But she did not see to any physician and accordingly not diagnosed. About 3 months after then it~ was spreaded in July, 1971.
Four precent of residents using their ~?rivate well and nine percent of those ~vho using public well water were taken. ill. The former was ab out two fold compared with the later.
The educational back ground of housewives with patients, who are chiefly managing and handling of foods, was reJ.atively lower in level, and primary school made in most of all.
Salmonellae from stool materials of patients tivere isolated in 29.2 percent. Of them Sal. paratyphi A was 71.1 percent and remainders wei a other groups. From 53 families of patients they were isolated in 4 cases included 3cases of Sal. paratyphi A.
The outbreak was reported by a field workers. of health center on 15th of July and at soon after then the covering of the outbreak by Health center was begun, and new patients. were ceased in about 20 days after.