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Reduced Glutathione 콺 Ү ѿ μϿ

Transport of Reduced Glutathione into the Brain Tissue of the Mouse

Ǵ 1973 14 2ȣ p.245 ~ 262
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Reduced glutathione (GSH) Ү Ӯ ˰ 콺 ϰ ̰ 1mM, 2mM 3mM GSH鿡 4C,25C 37C incubateϰ incubation 5,15,30,60 120п Ү GSH GSSG(dxidized glutahione) ϰ ͪμ SH(sulfhydryl) Ͽ װͰ ̿ ̿ .
1) 콺 GSH, GSSG SH 2.330.26, 1.720.27, 4.020.27mmol/gm wet.wt̾.
2) GSH GSSG incubation µ 4C alc 25C incubation GSH μϰ Φ ū 춰 װͰ ؼ Ÿ.
3) 37C incubate Ͽ GSH,GSSG SH incubation GSH Ͽ ʥϿ 120± ͩ ʥǴ Ÿ.

Glutathione, a tripeptide abundantly distributed among the animal and plant world, is known to exert some important physiological actions in the body, i. e. ; participation in various enzymatic reactions, membrane transport and action mechanism of some peptide hormones. Also, the effectiveness of reduced glutathione (GSH) for radioprotection has recently been established.
However, reports on the transport mechanism of GSH through the cell membrane is scanty, and little is known whether GSH is transported through the cell membrane by active transport or facilitated diffusion. or otherwise.
In the present study, an effort was made to observe the transport mechanism of GSH by using the brain tissue of the mouse as the model.
Whole brain was carefully removed from the normal mouse, and the brain slice of approximately 0.2mm in thickness was prepared manually.
The slice was incubated in the solution of GSH in the concentration of 1mM, 2mM and 3mM, and temperature of the incubation was set at 4C, 25C and 37C. At 5,15,30,60 and 120 min of the incubation, the slice was taken out and carefully washed with Krebs-Ringer phosphate buffer (KRP).
GSH level was measured by Ellmans method, and GSSG (oxidized glutathione) was measured by the electrolytic reduction method described by Dohan and Woodward. The total SH (sufhydryl) group was calculated by the sum of GSH and GSSG. The control was set in each temperature group, in which the experimental procedures were identical as in the experimental groups but the incubation was carried out in the absence of GSH and onty in KRP.
Results thus obtained are summarized as follows.
1) Normal value of GSH, GSSG and total SH group of the mouse brain was 2.330.26, 1.720.27 and 4.030.27/ol/gm wet wt., respectively.
2) when the incubation was carried out at 4C and 25C, GSH and GSSG levels of the mouse brain were similar in all the groups including the normal and control regardless of the concentration of GSH throughout the entire experiment.
3) when the incubation temperature was set at 37C, the levels of GSH, GSSG and total SH group increased in proportion to the concentration of GSH, and the increase was continuous till 120 min.