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A Study of Primary Chronic Gastritis by 4-point Fiberscopic Biopsies

Ǵ 1973 14 2ȣ p.267 ~ 273
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3) Үʰ̸ ̸ 50~75% Ͽ.
4) 1ӵ , ط 58.8%, 74% ־ ݻ ݻȿ ؼ ٥Ͽ.
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In view of the paucity of reports on the gastric lesions studied by both fiberscopy and fiberscopy biopsies along with clinical corelations, an investigation was undertaken to study primary gastritis by 4-point fiberscopic biopsy of the gastric mucosa, biopsy sites chosen in the pyloric antrum and incisura angularis along the lesser curvature and in the anterior and posterior walls of the body of the stomach.
Forty patients, 30 males and 10 females, were selected for this study. Patients with gastric tumor and peptic ulcers were excluded from the study group. The age distribution was between 20 and 60 years of age in this series.
The results obtained were as follows :
1. Among the 40 patients, chronic gastritis was diagnosed in 34 cases by the 4-point biopsy method and in 30 cases by fiberscopy.
2. The diffuse atrophic gastritis was prevalent in those over 40 years of age while superficial gastritis and normal mucosa was found predominently in those under 40, by the 4-point biopsies in which more than 2 points of a biopsy site demonstrated pertinent gastric lesions mentioned above.
3. Diagnostic accuracy of fiberscopy was 59-75% against 4-point biopsy method.
4. The intestinal metaplasia, which was not noted in a single superficial gastritis case, was found in 58.8% of the total chronic gastritis cases. It was noted that 74% of the atrophic gastritis was discovered to have intestinal metaplasia and was most marked in the pyloric antrum.
5. In cases of diffuse atrophic gastritis where the atrophic changes extend to the anterior and posterior walls of the body of the stomach, intestinal metaplasia was found in all cases. This finding of intestinal metaplasia in cases of atrophic gastritis increased in its frequency with age increments.
6. No causal relations can be found in alcohol intake, totacco smoking and dietary habits for primary atrophic gastritis and superficial gastritis in our study.