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Disappearance Interval of Bacterial Index in Lepromatous Lepers

Ǵ 1973 14 2ȣ p.353 ~ 361
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115( 75, 40) Ͽ ?(BI) ϰ, 400mg DDS BI Ѣ BIܬ, ֵܬ, ܬ ܻܬ κϿ ־.
1. BIܬ ־ BI 洿 Ѣ ªҰ BI ū 洿 Ѣ BI 洿 Ѣ ӭ .
2. ܬδ ѷ 춴 ܬ .
3. ֵܬδ BI Ҵֵ Ҵֵؿ ؼ Ѣ ª ־.
4. ܻܬδ (L1) (L2) L2 (L3) Ѣ ª ־. L1 L2 L3 ٿ Ѣ ϴ ͵ ־.

115 cases of lepromatous leper were tested on the disappearance intervals of the bacterial index (Bl) after oral administration of 400mg of DDS per week during 5 years.
The results were as follows ;
1. The shortest disappearance interval of BI was below 5 months and the longest was more than 66 months.
2. The disappearance interval of BI was shorter in the low range of BI than the high range.
3. There was no significant difference between male and female.
4. Disappearance of BI varied with the age group and the disappearance interval was shorter in younger than the old.
5. The disappearance interval of BI was most long in severe case than mild (L) and moderate (L) and it was longer in L than the mild case. Even in the same grade there was variety.