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Blood Glucose Deternination by Dubowski Method

Ǵ 1973 14 2ȣ p.363 ~ 367
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Dubowski Folin-Wu κϿ ̿ .
1. Dubowski Folin-Wu Ͽ ǿ Ͽ ¿ 驵Ǵ ӭǾ ſ Ͽ.
2. ־ Dubowski ǿ Folin-Wu 255.5mg% Դ.
3. ڪ ? galactose Ͽ tascorbic acid glycine ? ڰϿ.
4. 70mg% 600mg%̻ glucose ʰ 2 Ȥ 2 Ͽ ϹǷμ ʦϿ.
5. Dubowski ϰ ̸ ս ִ ־.
Today we are facing to perform the gradually increasing numbers of laboratory examinations for diabetes, and then recently there has teen required more simple and accurate method for the determination of blood glucose. The author attempted to evaluate one of the newest method. Dubowski method along popular Folin-Wu method is the substitution old method for new method.
39 cases of randome samples from normal and diabetics were determined.
The principle of Dubowski method is based upon the reaction between the o-toluidine reagent in glacial acetic acid and blood glucose resulting in green color development (glycosylamine).
The maximum absorbance was taken at 630 m with Coleman Junior Model 6D spectrophotometer. Dubowski method was thought to be more convenient and simple as well as the result was more close to true glucose level than Folin-Wu method with the mean difference 255.5mg% between two methods.
Dubowski method tended to reveal considerable effects by other reducing substance, especially galactose and lactose, but not by ascorbic acid and glycin.