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Metabolic Inhibitor Ͽ õǴ Ŀ ġ

Inotropic Action of Crude Water-extract of Rehmamial Radix, Polygalal Radix, and Hoelen in Normal and Depressed Isolated Atria of Rat

Ǵ 1974 15 1ȣ p.57 ~ 62
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Inotropic actions of crude ~vater-extract of Re- showed positive inotropic actions in beth normal
hmanniae-, Polygalae radix, and Holen were and depressed isolated atria with concentrations
studied on the electrically driven atria of rat. of higher than 10-3. 2-Decay glucose-and sodium ,
1. There were no significant inotropic action iodoacetate-induced negative inotropic effect were
of Rehmanniae extract on isolated atria. restored completely by crude extract of poly-
2. Extract of polygalae radix and hoelen galae radix and hoelen.