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Effects of Primary Liver Damage on Some Physiological Functions of the Liver and Lung

Ǵ 1975 16 2ȣ p.7 ~ 16
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The fact thai the liver functions decrease when the liver is damaged is well estabiish~d, but little has been reported whether the primary liver damag causes the decreased metabolism of the other organs, particularly the lung.
In the present study, carbon tetrachloride (CC1.,) was injected intraperitoneally to the rabbit, and the Changs of protein, NP-SH and NP-SS levels of the liver and iung -ere observed. Also, :the pulmonary surfactant activities as well as the protein content of the lung washings were studied. The changes of the body weight, left lung weight and the liver weight we~~ aiso measured and the left lung wt: B~V ratio as well as the liver wt: B4~ ratio were calculated.
CCl., was mainly used as the mixture with olive oil (1 ::) in the dose of 0. Sml per kg B`V, and the experiment was performed at 1, 3 and 5 days after the CCl, injection.
Reduced glutathionc (GSH) in the dose of 20mg per kg B~V was used either singularly or in combination with CCI, in order to elucidate the effectiveness of GSH on th:~ CC1~ inteticated
The results thus obtained are summarized as follows:
1) In the normal (control) group, the protein, NP-SH and NP-SS of the liver ,ras 108.312.05 ;mg/gm wet wt.. S. 3010.75r~mo1/gm wet wt. and 6.800. ;i5uiaol/gm wet wt. , reapectively. In the lung tissue, the protein, NP-SH and 1P-SS level was 50.?16.35mg/gm wet wt. , ?. 0110.42,~mo1 /gm wet wt. and 6.0210.50umo1/gm wet wt. , respectively. The maximum surface tension, :minimum surface tension and stability index of the lung washings was 58.0=3.Odyne/cm, 6.02.5 dyne/cm and 1.63, respectively, and protein content of the lung washings ~_: as lOS. C19.Omg/gm wet wt. The body weight was 2.45--0.15kg, and the liver wt: B`V ratio was 17.7u while the left lung wt: B~V ratio was 1.31.
2) Tile protein aad sulfhydryl (SH) levels of the liver and lung in the CCI injuced proup were decreased comparing to the control, and when GSH alone ~i-as injected, the_ wra no noticeable change. Ho :: ~r~-, when GSH and CCIa were combined, both the Iiver and Iuri~ sh-~wed generally ,higher values cf the protein and SH levels than the CC14 injected group, a, d Iower lev:,_1s than the GSH inj~c~~~ group.
3) The surfactant activities of the lung washings were decreased when CC14 wGs used, and the ;Injection cf GSH alone produced no significant change from the control. N%hen GSH and CCl~ were ~COmbined, the surfactant activities showed a tendency of increased levels than the CCI~ injected
4) The decrease of the body weight was prominent when CClwas injected but the liver weight increased noticeablly with the result of the increased liver wt: BW ratio. The left lung wt: B ratio did not, however, change much in the CCl4 injected group. When GSH alone was injected-the body weight, Iiver wt, left lung wt, liver wt: BW ratio as well as the left lung wt: BW ratio. did not change noticeablly from the control. ~Vhen GSH and CCl~ were combined, tl~e above values showed a general tendency of increase comparing with the CC14 injected group.