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Changes of Protein Synthetic Organelles of Hepatocytes Induced by Ethionine

Ǵ 1976 17 2ȣ p.180 ~ 184
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The author studied the effects of ethionine administration on the intracellular fine structures of livercell, focusing on the organclles involving protein synthesis.
In one group of animal, rats were reccived intraperitoneal injection of 1.25% DL-ethionine and sacrificed at 30 minutes I hour after injection respectively. Another group animals were feeded with ethionine for 3 months and 6 months and sacrificed. The livers were extracted out and observed under electron microscope.
The results were summarized as follow;
Degenerative changes of the organelles induced by intraperitoneal injection of ethionine were characterized by dilatation of rER, dccreased number of polysome and atropy of Golgi complex. These changes were already evident than the group of animal which were sacrificed at 30 minutes after treatment and become progressively more severe with prolonged time interval between treatment and sacrifice, Longterm ethioinine feeded group showed increased number of various. lysosome in addition to the above mentioned changes of inbibited protein synthesis.
The results suggested that liver cell injury induced by ethionine were initiated from dilatation of rER, shedding of ribosome and decreased number of free polyribosome. And these changes were extended to the Golgi complex and resulted to increased number of lysosome.