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Effect of Tubercin-3 on Serum Electrophoretic Patterns in Lepromatous Leprosy

Ǵ 1978 19 1ȣ p.57 ~ 64
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This studywas planned to determine the effect of tubercin-3, tuberculoprotein complete, nn the serum protein electrophoretic pattern in lepromatous leprosy patient. Before and after tlu cuhercin-3 treatment for 6 months the quantitation of the serum total protein, immunoglobuline (I~,C;, IgA, IgM), serum protein electrophoresis, immuoelectrophoresis, serum glncoprotein electrophoresis and chemical analysis of serum glycoprotein were carried out with the following results.
The serum total protein of lepromatous patient was 6.9mg%, by electrophoretic fracrinnacion albu/min, 49.1%, globulin, 50.9%, and ~G ratio 0.99. :~/G ratio was lower than normal. The values noted were nQt change during tubercin-3 treatment. Through immunoelectro~~horetic analysis, no specific fraction appeared in lepromatous serum.
By immunodif usion analysis, the values of each class of immunoglobulines were respecc~ e1;- as follows: IgG, 1340.4mg%; Igv1, IgA, 236.3mg%; 166.7mg%. The higher values of imm~.ino~lobulins were continued after tubercin-3 treatment for 6 months.
Electrophoretic fractions of lepromatous serum ,glycoprotein- revealed the following: al~~ha I. `racoon 13.53% : alpha-2, 33.52% ; beta-, 12.54% : gamma-, 40.42%, Gamma fraction sl~~c-ed ligher in lepromatous serum, while alpha 2-fraction was higher in control.
Protein moiety of glycoprotein was 203.8mg%, and sugar moiety was 21.5mg%, these values were higher than control. During tubercin-3 administration, the values were gradually decreased .and reached 143.7mg% in protein moiety and 12.Omg% in sugar moiety after 6 months treatmenr.