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Epidemiological Study on the Attempted Suicides by Ingesting Poisons

ߺ 1969 6 1ȣ p.1 ~ 12
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An epidemilogocal study was performed to 1,458 attempted suicides by ingested poisons who had come to Youngdeungpo City Hospital from Youngdeungpo-ku area, Seoul during the two years period from Oct. 1, 1966 to Sept. 30, 1968.
Out of 1,458 cases 235 attempted suicides were especially interviewed for detail analysis of the causes.
The results are summarized as follows:
1. The incidence rate of the attempted suicides was calculated in general as 92.4 per 100,000 per year among the population of 795,188 in Youngdeungpo-ku. Highest incidence(298.2) among dongs(districts) of Youngdeungpo-ku was shown at Youngdeungpo-dong.
2. Out of 1,458 cases, 687(42.7%) attempted suicides at their homes.
3. Out of 1,458 cases, 654(44.7%) were male and 804(55.3%) were female.
4. Out of 1,458 cases, 807(55.4%) were comprised in the group of 20~29 pears of age.
5. Of the seasons or months attempted suicide, 450(30.8%) cases occured in the spring and 426(29.3%) cases in the summer. The cases were increased from March and reached to peak on May.
6. Out of 235 cases, 86(36.6%) attempted suicides from the hour of 18:00 to 24:00. Suicidal attempts were performed more in the afternoon than in the morning.
7. Economic status, educational background, religion and occupation of the attempted suicides were observed and discussed.
8. A single or divorced status were comprised in high rate among the attempted suicides.
9. It appeared that 146(62.7%) out of 235 attempted suicides lost one or both their parents.
10. In direct motivation of the attempted suicides, the economic difficulties(21.3% of 235 cases studied) were most important one. Economic difficulties in male and family troubles in female were most important motivations.
11. Out of 235 cases, 72(31.2%) had experienced the previous suicidal attempts.
12. Most attempted suicides(72.6%) did not give any announcement to their families or neighbors.
13. The drugs or poisons used most by the attempted suicides were barbiturates(40.5%), barbiturate with others(13.3%), quinine(5.1%), and phosphorus(4.6%). The number of using parathion and insecticides were increased much in 1968.
14. In the fatality rates according to the kinds of drug, that of parathion was 54.7% with highest rate and next alkali followed with 38.8%.
15. Out of 235 cases, 192(84.1%) interviewed obtained the drugs at stores.