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Brachial Plexus Paralysis and Radial Nerve Paralysis Following General Anesthesia

Ѹȸ 1969 2 1ȣ p.87 ~ 89
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Two cases of upper extremity paralysis following general anesthesia due to malposition paralysis are reported.
The one case is brachial plexus paralysis following general anesthesia for hemicolectomys and the other case is radial nerve paralysis following general anesthesia for radical hysterectomy.
In the above two cases, there was not any neurological disease and no trauma history before operation. There was no specific finding in the labaratory test and X-rays.
Other authors reported that most of postoperative nerve damage was due to irritating drugs, trauma, hypotension, hypoxia, hypothermia, diabetus mellitus. And malposition.
But in the above two cases, we believed that there was no causative factors except malposition.