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A Preliminary Survey of a Typhoid Epidemic in the City of Samchunpo During 1967

ѹ̻ȸ 1968 3 1ȣ p.35 ~ 41
Ryu Younghai, ,
 ( Ryu Younghai ) - National Instituts of Health Instituts of Tropical Medicaine Department of Microbiology
 ( Kee Ryong-Sook ) - Seoul Nationalt University College of Medicine Department of Microbiology


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1. Ϣ 54, 064 ߲㼿 638٣ ۡϿ 1,180/100,000̶ Ÿ° 1٣̾.
2. 1967Ҵ 9 Ͽ Ҵ 11ǿ صǾ ۡѢ 9 ߲ο ͩ 10 ͩٵǾ.
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4. ж Salmonella typhi ҵǾ.
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6. Ѣ鿡 1Ҵ 꽺 Ǿ 3٣鿡 1٣ ж Ÿ Shigella flexneri 1٣Ǿ.
7. 1967 11 ߲ ͳۿ 꽺ۡ ͱǾ Salmonella typhirk Ǿ.
8. 1968 㿵 Ҵ жȿ 1 ж ʾ 1968Ҵ 10ű ͱ 1 ۡ ʾҴ.

An outbreak of typhoid fever in Samchunpo city was surveyed and the results were summarized as follows:
1. 638 of clinical cases were detected in 17 Dongs (districts) of the city of Samchunpo, (54,064), during the epidemic period from 1st September to the end of November, 1967.
2. The morbidity rate was 1,189 per 100,000 population; (1,300 female, and 1,060 male).
3. The highest peak was reached in the third week of September and a second peak appeared at the end of September 1967.
4. The mode of infection was suspected strongly as a water-borne and the source of infection as an old public well called Gal-Dae-Saim, since the causative agent was found in close public latrine and the contaminated sewage ditch which was connected with the well.
5. All patients and carriers were treated at their home under the supervision of local medical authorities.
6. The Gal-Dae-Saim was closed immediately on 7th October, 1967 by the order of the mayor.
7. At the end of November, 1967 when the outbreak in Samchunpo was almost ended, another small epidemic occurred in Koseong county which bordered the eastern outskirt of the city.
8. During the survey, a strain of Shigella fiexneri was isolated from the sewage located three meters from Gal-Dae-Saim and also from one case.
9. It was reported by the local health center in May, 1968, that no carrier had been detected in the survey made among the persons who had had typhoid fever in 1967. Also thereafter no cases of typhoid fever were reported through October, 1968.